Erotic Bodyrub New York

The task of Erotic Bodyrubs is sexual stimulation. Stimulation can be achieved by stroking, touching his hand to the sensitive parts of the body (erogenous zones), such as breasts, thighs, genitalia, the clitoris, large and small labia. Stimulation may be mutual (as appropriate). While working on the erogenous zones of the skin by hand (massage), are strong impulses that are transmitted through the nervous system genitals. Erotic Bodyrubs NYC (New York City, Manhattan) is often performed in the nude (as appropriate).

Erogenous zone is that part of the body that are most susceptible to sexual stimuli. They are located where skin rubs against less clothes or underwear and therefore are more subtle and sensitive.

These zones are located in the cavity of the mouth, ear lobes, nipples, armpits, on the inside of the arm and forearm, on the vulva, in grooved depressions in the spine, the neck, lumbar fossa, around the navel, in the places where it starts body hair pubic tubercle, in the inguinal folds and inner thighs (zone increased sensitivity), as well as in the field of bending elbows, behind the knees, the feet, between fingers and toes.

To erogenous zones, especially, are those areas of the body where the mucosa changes in the skin. Contact with them is a pleasant hand reaction, but there is much more excited when exposed to erogenous zones lips, tongue or teeth. Achieving orgasm is stimulated by stroking the body, erogenous zones. Erogenous centers or zones react strongly to skin irritation (impact) hand, richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels. This stimulation is transmitted throughout the body.

For the positive effects of massage you need a certain looseness of the partner(s). In addition, you should know those areas (centers), which are particularly sensitive in a given partner (partner). Partner if he cannot show these areas, we should find them, gently working on different parts of the body.